• Kitchen Essentials

    5,000.00 Fr

    5 Stainless steel knives

    • 8″ Chef knife
    • 8″ Bread knife
    • 7″ Santoku knife
    • 5″ Utility knife
    • 3.5″ Paring knife
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    Andersson Essential Kitchen Knife Set is a knife set with 5 sharp knives in various lengths and for different purposes. Ideal as a graduation gift, housewarming gift, or if you want to replace your old and dull blades. The set includes a bread knife, chef’s knife, vegetable knife, paring knife and an all round knife.

    Quality all the way to the cape knife

    These knives stay sharp for a long time, and it will be very easy to cut and chop everything from vegetables to meat, fish and bread. All knives have handles made of wood which gives a feeling of quality when holding the knife.

    A knife for each occurrence

    There are a variety of configurations and specifications of the knives to accommodate the various ingredients and purpose. Here we have collected the most useful and most abundant.

    34 cm with 20 cm blade. This knife is a must in every kitchen and is one of the most used knife for all kinds of ingredients. The upward curved tip allows you to finely chop with a rocking motion without tip off from the cutting board. Thanks to the wide and heavy blade fits well to cut meat.

    Bread knife
    33 cm by 20.5 cm blade. A bread knife is a large knife with a serrated blade that is best suited to the food with hard exterior and soft interior, such as bread and other bakery products. A bread knife is also perfect for slicing tomatoes!

    Vegetable Knife
    31 cm with 17 cm blade. Vegetable knife is a knife with the most varied appearance, but there are also endless variety of vegetables with different size and texture. Our vegetable knife is a variation of all different models with rounded tip but abruptly ended.

    All-round knife
    23 cm with 13 cm blade. The utility knife is between a paring knife and a chef’s knife in size and has a straight cutting edge.

    Paring knife
    20 cm with 10 cm blade. A small, lightweight knife with straight cutting edge. A fairly universal knife that fit to scale and share the small fruit and the like that you can hold in your hand.

    Care instructions

    • Clean your knife immediately after use. Fruit and vegetable juice can act as acids on edge.
    • Stains can be removed with metal cleaning.
    • Knives should always be washed by hand and not in the dishwasher.
    • Use a mild detergent and a soft cloth and wash under running water.
    • Wipe the blade with a soft cloth
    • Always handle knives with caution to avoid injury to yourself and others.


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