• Vacuum Sealer 1.0

    5,000.00 Fr

    • The vacuum sealer can be cut according to your needs
    • 1 roll (3m) with 22 cm bags (around 15 20 x 22 cm bags)
    • 1 roll (3m) with 28 cm bags (around 15 20 x 28 cm bags)
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    Andersson VMB 1.0 – Roller Plastic 2-pack

    Roller Plastic in two different sizes to Andersson Vacuum Sealer. 1st 3m x 22cm and 28cm x 3m 1st so you can cut the bags of their own desired size. Made to be used in the microwave and in simmering water.

    Roller plastic is sealed in length, which means that you can cut them to the desired size.


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